Consolidation Related Quotes

“Something drastic is going to have to happen. Basically, you have to have airline consolidation.”

Ray Neidl

“I do think consolidation is ahead for our industry.”

Gerald Grinstein

“We've got to achieve consolidation and some level of reduction of capacity. The odds are greater than they ever have been.”

James May

“I think we're going to continue to see consolidation. Will it slow relative to what we've seen in 2004 and 2005? Most likely.”

Carl Mcdonald

Since the end of the Cold War, metropolitan elites everywhere have identified progress and modernity with the cornucopia of global capitalism, the consolidation of liberal democratic regimes and the secular ethic of consumerism.

Pankaj Mishra

“This deal is going to prompt further consolidation. The continuing volatility in petroleum prices makes it imperative for these companies to find ways to reduce costs.”

George Gaspar

“There's always been a lot of mix and matching going on in the retail industry. With all the consolidation going on right now, we'll watch how those players integrate their acquisitions.”

Robert Fort

“Further consolidation is inevitable but there's a lot of hype and speculation about how things will play out.”

Dave Davis

The government is determined to continue the process of fiscal consolidation and structural reform in order to secure sound public finances and improve the country's international competitiveness.

Lucas Papademos

“Last year was the bounce-back year and this year is the consolidation year.”

Douglas Mcwilliams