Constantly Related Quotes

“We're constantly getting feedback. We're making this better for our members.”

Debra Wakeland

“I can't keep the mirrors clean in my condo. We're constantly having to clean and wipe grease up.”

Jack Baldwin

“The pressure to increase these kinds of uses in national parks is constantly increasing. Our park lands are becoming more and more like isolated islands, with the demands for their use from everybody.”

Don Barger

“What I found with the old system was the lack of continuity. It was constantly changing. Now that we have a town manager, it operates smoothly–there's no fluctuation on mill rates. I tell people it's like having a CEO.”

Mary Bigelow

“In Tom Clark's passing, Kentuckians and all those who care about history have lost an absolute treasure. He constantly thought of new ways to present history, how to teach it, and what next to write about. His boundless energy and endless curiosity to discover the truth about the past were the hallmarks not only of a remarkable intellect but also of a well-lived life.”

Dan Smith

“We constantly evolve the show as best we can, not just at the start of every year but week to week,”

Rove Mcmanus

“All art constantly aspires towards the condition of music.”

Walter H. Pater

“The game is constantly interesting because your imagination is constantly working. You're given clues about the background of the town of Silent Hill and you understand half of them and the other half you imagine.”

Christophe Gans

“You were constantly laying back to a distance where you didn't have to deal with that narrow part of the fairway. It was more about who was playing the most intelligent off of the tee, and I think the teams that decided to play aggressively were actually penalized for that significantly.”

Mark Baldwin

“You cannot step twice into the same river, for other waters are constantly flowing on.”