Construction Related Quotes

You can tell within a sentence if something is fiction or non-fiction. You can tell in the artifice of the language or the care of the construction the difference between art and life.

Ethan Canin

“We have declared the construction of the building illegal after finding irregularities in the project. They cannot continue with the work.”

Nurul Islam

“Our major goal with school construction procurement is to ensure that we have efficient state-of-the-art facilities that serve our students well. We believe in this instance that the process was fair and effective,”

Catherine Sullivan

The layman always means, when he says reality that he is speaking of something self-evidently known; whereas to me it seems the most important and exceedingly difficult task of our time is to work on the construction of a new idea of reality.

Wolfgang Pauli

We've taken a show about destruction and turned it into a show about construction.

Anson Mount

I love Halloween. It reminds me of my happy childhood days as a student at Wampus Elementary School in Armonk, N.Y., when we youngsters used to celebrate Halloween by making decorations out of construction paper and that white paste that you could eat.

Dave Barry

Since I was a kid, I've liked to see how things are done. Sometimes when you see how things are done, it's like watching a 'making of' within the story. You see the physical aspect, the construction of things.

Michel Gondry

Milan is showing a new and different face. At Porta Nuova, too, when they started construction, everyone was up in arms, saying Milan was going to lose its character.

Franca Sozzani

America is a construction of mind, not of race or inherited class or ancestral territory.

Robert Hughes

The movie [Aquarius] is about love, ultimately, and it was made with love. There were a lot of parents in the crew, and they were the best crew I had ever worked with. Everybody knew the construction of each scene, and were completely invested in every shooting day.

Sonia Braga