Contact Related Quotes

Allow the light and the healing presence of Christ to shine brightly through your lives. In that way, all those who come in contact with you will discover the loving kindness of God.

Pope John Paul Ii

Before two human beings come in close physical contact, their auras have mingled; that is the reason why we 'feel the presence of another' at times before we become aware of him by means of our ordinary senses.

Max Heindel

I think I might have a bad psychic advisor. When I asked her to contact the dead, she gave me Keith Richards' phone number.

David Letterman

“We urge all senior citizens who believe they qualify for this discount to contact their natural gas marketer immediately.”

Dave Burgess

Keep your life in its constant contact with God that his surprising power may break out on the right hand and on the left. Always be in a state of expectancy, and see that you leave room for God to come in as he likes.

Oswald Chambers

“Officers made contact with them in that room, found out that they did have an underage girl in there.”

Pete Smith

A tree is our most intimate contact with nature.

George Nakashima

Politics is a contact sport - a question of accepting an elbow or two.

Mark Shields

There is a constant and intimate contact among the things that coexist and co-evolve in the universe - a sharing of bonds and messages that makes reality into a stupendous network of interaction and communication.

Ervin Laszlo

You, I, we all encounter behaviors that we might say, I wouldn't do that. But she has a huge amount of contact with how people live. She sees more hospices and sink estates than most people.

Prince Andrew