Continuation Related Quotes

“What we are seeing is a continuation of the relief that the Fed will fight inflation, but will do so gradually.”

Charles Reinhard

“Figures are very, very good. They show a continuation of a positive trend that started in the third quarter.”

Yelena Borodenko

“There's a concentration of companies within the industry moving here. I think it's just a continuation of a trend.”

Roger Read

“This is a continuation of what we've seen for the past few years.”

Ceo Steven Fredericks

“should not continue in that job unless we want a continuation of the shortcomings that we have had in the response.”

Nancy Pelosi

“We don't view ourselves as a settlement. We view ourselves as a continuation of the Jewish dream, but the Jewish dream has an Arab minority.”

Michael Stoltz

“We're evaluating the continuation of the series. There are some things we're looking at. We have to do what's best for us.”

Dee Todd

“You're going to see a continuation of this cautious tone. Don't tell Wall Street you're going to do XYZ and fall short on the Z. You'll get punished.”

Mark Schultz

“I think what's happening is a continuation of the correction in the overbought technology sector that began a couple weeks ago.”

Clark Yingst

“His (Stringer's) business model is just a continuation of Idei's formula for growth, which means he doesn't have a new business model, ... It's a business model has been made obsolete by the digital era, and if the company is not able to change this model there is no way they will survive.”

Carlos Dimas