Continued Related Quotes

“We are forecasting continued corporate demand for our server products.”

Chris Liddell

“The local market continued to post losses as it was affected by the retreat of Wall Street and the Japanese market.”

Castor Pang

“The way we came out and continued the intensity we had in the second quarter was a key factor in the game.”

Eric Long

“Though I continued to say it was an urgent problem, I don't think it was ever treated that way,”

Colin Powell

“As the show has continued to evolve in getting more tech and semiconductor companies, we've focused the Sands on new technologies. Sands is our hub for technology and the stuff used to build products. It helps people to find those technologies if they are all in one area.”

Karen Chupka

“This is what the market did in 1974, ahead of a slowdown in 1975, and the Fed continued to hike rates in the face of marginal data turning worse, ... I don't see where the Fed sees 'traction'.”

Robert Brusca

“Many investors and funds continued selling... as the market lacks fresh good news. Interest-rate worries continued to dampen sentiment.”

Castor Pang

“She started a tradition a long time ago, and it's just continued through the years.”

Dan Evans

“We expect the 5400 and 3500 series will fuel our continued industry leadership.”

Wenceslao Lada

“The quarter was helped by continued strong fully insured enrollment and stable medical costs, as well as lower administrative costs and higher investment income,”

Peter Costa