Continues Related Quotes

“The tournament continues to be a financially responsible deal for CBS. Not only did we increase our revenues ... but we have great numbers to sell off next year.”

Sean Mcmanus

“[She] continues just to be incredibly strong. Loves to rebound, can run the floor extremely well, and this year she's added more of an offensive dimension. She's just a little more offensive minded this season.”

Lisa Bluder

“of a nation that continues to strongly approve of the job the president is doing and a nation that knows the president is honest and ethical and shares the nation's moral values.”

Ari Fleischer

“The governor continues to make steady progress in his recovery, and today doctors have begun the process of reestablishing a normal diet.”

Dave Catalfamo

“The federal government continues to support the critical work of our nation's firefighters by ensuring departments attain a basic capability level through the competitive Assistance to Firefighters Grant program.”

Charlie Dickinson

“The American people are simply not going to trust their security to a defeatist party that continues to demonstrate its pre-9/11 mentality and fundamental misunderstanding of the war on terror.”

Danny Diaz

“If the U.S. continues to correct over the next few days it could be nasty for Japan, but the market fundamentals are much better here.”

Garry Evans

“He's impressed. He continues to take steps forward in his development, and we're excited about the progress he's made.”

Chris Antonetti

“The lessons learned from the Trilogy program are guiding us, and the FBI continues to strengthen our internal controls.”

Cathy Milhoan

“The volume server market continues to evolve as richer server configurations driven by both scale-out cluster implementations and scale-up server virtualization initiatives continue to drive increased customer spending.”

Matthew Eastwood