Continues Related Quotes

“If Iran continues on this path and we realize that the negotiations have run their course, I think the international community is prepared to move to the next step.”

Scott Mcclellan

“We need to improve our infrastructure to meet the demand that continues to increase.”

Scott Mcclellan

“The outlook for 2006 is bright and continues to improve.”

Richard Wallace

“Visa continues to gain ground and as Visa sends more and more transactions over its network, it just gets stronger and stronger, ... The money will be used, in part, to better compete for co-brand deals with airlines and large merchants worldwide.”

David Robertson

“The sale continues to roll along. It's very successful in all categories and just a continuation of the November and September sale. There is a lot of discretionary income right now.”

Geoffrey Russell

“continues to keep everything else blocked at the gate, we cannot get to Hong Kong in the shape we need.”

Peter Mandelson

“Customer spending continues to improve,”

Mark Loughridge

“Parking is an issue that continues to come up.”

Susan Mccathern

“Smith continues to be the most incredible goalie in the league,”

David O'donnell

?I intend to run. But this is not a formal announcement. If the fundraising continues like it is, it's a no-brainer decision.?

Baron Hill