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“Crude is up today and that contributes, but the undertone of this earnings release are a reminder that maybe in the long term things aren't going to turn great again. It's still a brutal industry to work in.”

Chris Lozier

In the Great Society, work shall be an outlet for mans interests and desires. Each individual shall have full opportunity to use his capacities in employment which satisfies personally and contributes generally to the quality of the Nations life.

Lyndon B. Johnson

Mr. Darwin contributes some striking and ingenious instances of the way in which the principle partially affects the chain, or rather network of life, even to the total obliteration of certain meshes.

Richard Owen

You don't begin by dehumanizing those who are dehumanizing you, because it contributes to the cycle of dehumanization in the world.

Cornel West

“Our government makes the simple promise of a secure retirement to every American who works for many years and contributes to our retirement benefit system.”

Sue Kelly

“I just think there's something wrong with our system when we take another human being who contributes so fully to society and send him back to almost a third-world environment. But that's the law, and that's the unfortunate thing.”

Steve Miller

To be a man is to feel that one's own stone contributes to building the edifice of the world.

Antoine De Saint-exupery

Stereotyping and generating brands around musicians I think contributes to their eventual demise.


Perhaps the basic thing which contributes to charm is the ability to forget oneself and be engrossed in other people.

Eleanor Roosevelt

“Applications growth will again be a key focus for investors, although it contributes 25 percent of license revenue at present. We understand Oracle landed a couple of large deals in the quarter, perhaps $20 million in size, so there is some traction here.”

Chris Shilakes