Control Related Quotes

“He's got a big game and a big future. I never really felt I was in control of his service games. You're looking at the future of American tennis. He's a standout. He's got a big serve and grass is a surface he's going to get better on.”

Pete Sampras

“Most White Houses believe that a leak is an uncontrolled revelation where they're not in control of it. Otherwise, it's associated with implementation of policy.”

Charles Jones

“Little Nelson was tied in a plastic bag with two other dogs and left in front of the animal control center overnight. When they got there one of the dogs in the plastic bag had died.”

Christine Payne

“The data suggest potential future targets for the development of drugs and behavioral interventions to control asthma and other stress-responsive disorders.”

Richard Davidson

“There's no possibility at all of that. It's held under the kinds of conditions the Centers for Disease Control specifies for select agents.”

Donald Kennedy

“Start shaping your own day. Start walking your own walk. This journey is yours, take charge of it. Stop giving other people your power to shape your life.”

Steve Maraboli

“More enduringly than any other sport, wrestling teaches self-control and pride. Some have wrestled without great skill - none have wrestled without pride.”

Dan Gable

“When modern woman discovered the orgasm, it was, combined with modern birth control, perhaps the biggest single nail in the coffin of male dominance.”

Eva Figes

?Although we won by 12, the score was not indicative that we were pretty much in control the last 16, 17 minutes. It was fun.?

Ben Howland

“Basically this sub-concession will give them more control and it's important because it is the last available sub-concession. But the real issue for us is when their two casinos are going to be completed as there were some delays and changes to the development.”

Atul Lele