Control Related Quotes

“You are the pilot of your life, be sure that you do not crash.”

Deyon Anteko Pitter

“I'm concerned with the street issue, but very pleased with the developer's willingness to consider using re-routing to control traffic, as well his willingness to redirect the water,”

David Hale

“I know, it was a little bit out of control, but hey. It was all fun.”

Elisha Cuthbert

“We control our own destiny, because we play the teams below us. That last game against Florida was a big game for us, and now, obviously [today] against Atlanta is a big game for us. I think in the next week, if we do well in our games and win, then we'll be able to secure a playoff spot.”

Darryl Sydor

“You could say we've come full circle. Now there's all kinds of excuses to control what people see. It's getting scarier and scarier.”

Christine Vachon

“The principle is important, because you need someone not under government control whose responsibility it is to investigate and find out the facts and come up with some conclusions.”

Allan Cutler

“It's the major focus on the team. It allows us to control the game. It does make it a lot easier for us to play. Everything starts in the back to create and develop chances.”

Carlos Giron

“Yields are moving higher in a response to an economy that is bouncing back. Inflation is still under control, but it's in the upper end of the Fed's comfort range.”

Gary Pollack

“(There were) numerous neighborhood complaints, not only to our agency, but to the Capital Area Humane Society and Animal Control.”

Dave Hunt

“We've built a new product called Family Safety Settings. We're calling it Family Safety, rather than Parental Control because people don't like that term ? parents don't like the idea of controlling, blocking or spying on their children.”

Alan Packer