Control Related Quotes

“Much like the Democrats had to rethink their dwindling status when they were running on gun control and abortion every election, you can't just appeal to the core of your electorate.”

Mark Rozell

“Our performance reflected continued productivity improvements ... and a relentless focus on cost control that produced a record first-quarter operating ratio of 66.2 per cent.”

Hunter Harrison

“I can control going out and playing hard everyday and trying to improve myself, and Carlos is the same way. I can't control what Carlos does. If we're in a ballgame and he's there, I want to try to help him anyway possible and try to help the team win and I know it's the same way with him.”

Chris Shelton

“I've been pretty sloppy. I've had too much movement. I think I'm more in control now.”

Dan Forsman

“Chas did a heck of a job pitching. He had control of his pitches and was able to put the ball where he wanted to.”

Donnie English

“I think of myself more as a control pitcher. I can get it up in the mid-90s every once in a while, but I just try to change speeds and hit my spots.”

Aaron Harang