Controlling Related Quotes

“When we do things that are controlling, whether intentional or not, we are not going to get those long-term outcomes,”

Alfie Kohn

“We probably played one of our best halves all season. We did a good job of controlling the tempo and making our shots.”

Garrett Black

“We have to do a better job controlling momentum. We have to understand those critical situations, and we have to take charge in those areas. It will give our team a better chance to win.”

Mike Sullivan

“Controlling my temper is important, ... Sometimes it's hard, but I try.”


“Right now we're struggling. We're not controlling the puck.”

Dan Boyle

“We did an outstanding job of controlling the ball. Offensively, we moved it around effectively and efficiently against their zone. Defensively, we trapped and got North Florida out their rhythm. That was a great effort by our team.”

Matt Doherty

“Neither team was really controlling the tempo. I think I was getting sleepy on the sideline watching a lot of this game. Our guys were just really tentative.”

Vic Wolffis

“We are controlling the fundamental property of material.”

Cheng Chin

“She just seemed to be doing everything ? hitting jump shots from the top of the key, controlling the offensive boards and getting the ball out front on the fast break.”

Steve Shepanski

“I'm pretty organized. I'm pretty controlling. I don't have big plans or designs. But I don't rely on a Palm Pilot or help or other technology-no! I'm barely good with emailing and a fax machine. I organize things in my head; I have a pretty good memory, so that helps me out a lot.”

Catherine Keener