Convicted Related Quotes

“I'm presently incarcerated. Convicted of a crime I didn't even commit. Hah! "Attempted murder"? Now honestly, what is that? Do they give a Nobel prize for attempted chemistry? Do they?”

Matt Groening

Two of the three men, who were imprisoned, Norman Butler and Robert 15x Johnson, convicted and given life sentences, I'm absolutely convinced were innocent. The real murderers of Malcolm X have not been caught or punished.

Manning Marable

“That's what happens -- 270 people killed, and I may have the great pleasure of seeing these guys convicted, imprisoned and [yet] I may live long enough to see them come out of prison.”

Daniel Cohen

“Criminal investigations have been launched into trading and trafficking in humans. Those responsible have been tried and convicted. There are figures and facts on this. [In Uzbekistan], anyone who commits a crime, including crimes like trafficking in persons, gets punished regardless who of he or she is.”

Svetlana Ortiqova

Much as we do not permit convicted pedophiles to teach kindergarten or convicted hijackers to board airplanes, common sense dictates that individuals who have been imprisoned for plotting violence against abortion clinics should never again be permitted anywhere near such facilities.

Jacob M. Appel

There was only one guy in the whole Bible Jesus ever personally promised a place with him in Paradise. Not Peter, not Paul, not any of those guys. He was a convicted thief, being executed. So don't knock the guys on death row. Maybe they know something you don't.

Neil Gaiman

“They were convicted almost immediately in March of 1960, but the appeals lasted 5 years. And it was hard on them, as you can imagine, and hard on Truman.”

Gerald Clarke

A lot of things sound neutral, but they're not. A typical example would involve police violence. It's usually forbidden to call police "murderers," even if they're convicted of murder. People will say that it sounds hysterical and unobjective.

Molly Crabapple

The media is trying to portray that [Donald] Trump supporters are on the verge of abandoning him right now by highlighting how many of them wanted Hillary locked up, prosecuted, convicted, and all that.

Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood

“Realistically, I think we accomplished what we hoped to do. He is [now] a convicted felon, his business is shut down and he's going to be locked up.”

Caroline Shepherd