Cost Related Quotes

“Carefully weighted wisdom costs less.”

Mariana Fulger

“Every five miles over 60 mph is like adding a dime to the cost of a gallon of gas.”

Catherine Rossi

“They're probably looking at what's happening with Northwest and Delta and probably realizing they have to get their contract cost structure down as well.”

Ray Neidl

“You must be willing to protect yourself and what you cherish, no matter what the cost.”

Christopher Paolini

“Motorola has a great portfolio of wireless broadband products that can cost-effectively extend the voice and high-speed digital subscriber lines (DSL) of our IOC customers. The Motorola MOTOwi4 Canopy broadband products are of special importance because they round out the Alltel product portfolio for last mile access to the home.”

Scott Evans

“Based on our cost estimates of replacing the current campus networks, it worked out to be about $400 to $500 per student. It is a very big bill when you compare it to the relatively low number of wiretap requests on college campuses per year.”

Wendy Wigens

“This obviously means that (the Main Street) part of the river park is going to cost more.”

Mayor Knox White

“That's ten times bigger than the world's largest supercomputer ... for less than 1 percent the cost.”

Pat Gelsinger

“We had no business giving (Columbus) any life ... it cost us a point. Great teams find a way to keep leads and win especially at this point in the season.”

Chris Chelios

“In battle, some of your most critical strikes come at the price of being struck as well. A famous man once said it best: Count the cost.”

Dedrick D. L. Pitter