Cost Related Quotes

“There is huge potential in rural regions. Lower subscriber acquisition cost may bring in huge profits in the future.”

Wang Jianzhou

“It's not about the money. We won't make more money on this. We'll add more to our cost than we will our revenue.”

Cathy Emanuel

“The total cost of that shipping is going to be somewhere between $1.6 and $2 million.”

Gary Hamblin

“I filled up last Monday and it cost me $53. One of the cars we're going to get rid of. We can't afford both of them.”

Gary Spaulding

“And last week the cost of the typical (concrete) mix I use rose from $85 to $120 a (cubic) yard.”

Ray Gee

“It's in line with them getting the cost down to the reality of what their revenue opportunities are.”

Chuck Phillips

“The cost of aluminum went way up. Once this supply is gone, that's it.”

Roger Henderson

“The cost of liberty is less than the price of repression.”

W. E. B. Du Bois

“The big cost is the emotional trauma.”

Ed Mierzwinski

“We are seeing piracy being contained, not eradicated, and we've seen a period of concerted cost-cutting.”

Nick Bertolotti