Country Related Quotes

“I'd be wary of writing this country off. There are some scary and ugly things about it, but it remains a turbulently, explosively innovative place.”

Michael Ignatieff

?Great numbers of Canadians... are determined to join us whenever we appear in the Country with any force to support them.?

Benedict Arnold

“Too bad all the people who know how to run the country are busy driving taxi cabs and cutting hair”

George F. Burns

“We're getting calls across the country from people who want to help, ... It's going to be the largest influx of refugees in American history.”

Rick Perry

When I am in the country, I wish to vegetate like the country.

William Hazlitt

“I told them that no one and no country could guarantee the safety of each tourist visiting Bali, but I tried to assure them that we are well aware that security is of the utmost importance to tourists, and that the police are always kept on the alert. We also have a tourist police unit ready.”

Gde Nurjaya

“Let me reassure that the Kingdom of Cambodia a country with independence, neutrality, peace, freedom, democracy and human rights as you all have seen, shall be existing with no end.”

Hun Sen

“I've traveled around the country, meeting with land trust people in almost every state, and they are good people who want to do the right thing. Ninety-five percent of what's been done (with conservation easements) has been from excellent to good, or medium good. Maybe 5 percent has been bad.”

Steve Small

“Over the last decades we have made some significant progress in fighting AIDS in our country. But we cannot rest until this progress reaches every corner of the globe and we are able to ensure that no matter where you live, the scourge of AIDS ceases to be the terrifying killer that it is today.”

Hillary Clinton

I'm not right wing, I'm not left wing. I love my country.

Sylvester Stallone