Country Related Quotes

“The country and the Congress were misled into war. I regret that we were not given the truth; as I said more than a year ago, knowing what we know now, I would not have gone to war in Iraq. And knowing now the full measure of the Bush Administration’s duplicity and incompetence, I doubt there are many members of Congress who would give them the authority they abused so badly. I know I would not.”

Senator John Kerry

“Even though the U.S. spends twice as much per person as any other developed country on health care, the U.S. is the only developed country that fails to provide universal coverage for all its citizens.”

Carole Simpson

You can gauge a country's wealth, its real wealth, by its tree cover.

Richard St. Barbe Baker

We as a country have to do some soul-searching.

Barack Obama

“The steps which our country is taking to solve the Kosovo problems by peaceful means show our firm commitment that all questions can be solved by political means, but also the determination to protect the country's territorial integrity and sovereignty,”

Slobodan Milosevic

“It would be a major change in the political culture of the country.”

Arthur Kroeger

“The plot behind this terror attack is obvious - to agitate the situation in a country that holds a leading position in the Arab world and to undermine the situation in the Middle East as a whole.”

Mikhail Kamynin

You'd have civil war. You'd have a race war in this country.

Malcolm X

“The goal is really to raise the aspirations of girls. But the other goal is to get the country to pay attention to how powerful adults are in girls' lives.”

Marie Wilson

Egypt is not a country we live in but a country that lives within us.

Pope Shenouda Iii