County Related Quotes

“[SULLIVAN - The second half of Sullivan's doubleheader was with the North County Lady Raiders. The Lady Raiders had the momentum going their way in game one, but] then we seemed to slow down a bit, ... Our serve receive failed us in the last two games.”

Mary Warren

“I feel like this district is going to be the most growing district in the county over the next 10 to 15 years.”

Carl Johnson

“That's not the kind of case a Brazos County jury would view in a lenient way,”

David Barron

“A wet spring storm marched through Utah County late Friday night and Saturday morning, dropping heavy amounts of precipitation in some areas.”

David James

“It hasn't changed that much. You can look county by county and see the statistical variation, one has a downward trend and one has an upward trend, that tells me it's random.”

Steve Carrellas

“We are delighted and honored to have her working in Edgecombe County, ... This process was one of the toughest, and through it all she gave a lot of credit to the students, parents and staff at Stocks. This school is doing great things, and Andrea is the epitome of that.”

Steve Stone

“We have to step up and do that, ... It's an expenditure the county has never had before, we have to figure out where the money is coming from.”

Lance Olson

“To sell county property it takes a two-thirds vote, ... I think to do a lease that is more than 5 years, maybe up to 20 years, it should be through a two-thirds majority by the legislature.”

David Waters

“I'm tired of seeing the county neglect us. I'm a little bit angry.”

Daniel Diaz

“There was no other serious rainfall in the county at that time. The storm cloud was concentrated over Martin's Run.”

Craig Miller