Couple Related Quotes

“If we can get you a couple hours that's a valuable commodity.”

Rob Watson

“They've been aggressive with Andy Reid. Maybe they move up a couple of spots. I can't speak for them, but at 14 if they feel insecure at getting Justice at that point, then they could jump ahead of either Detroit or Minnesota.”

Mel Kiper Jr

“We still missed a couple we should have had. It's just wanting to get rebounds. It's a mentality.”

Lamarcus Aldridge

“A couple of weeks ago at Opelika, we shot 1-for-12 from the line. We knew what we had to work on and had been really concentrating on it lately.”

Gray Harrison

“Give them credit for a lot of blocked shots, but I know I had a couple that I tried to force and just missed the net. Those are the ones you have to bear down on and get them on goal.”

Aaron Gagnon

“I've called a couple of times and left messages to have my calls returned by him (Mayor Larry Warren) and I haven't had any of them returned. We are hoping we can continue a decent relationship with the city.”

William Stark

“The best contraceptive method for any couple is misunderstanding.”

Dirceu Alves Ferreira

“Things went kind of slow for them midway through the season, but they have picked things up the last couple of weeks. They've been very good the last few weeks.”

Van Holt

“We were kind of sluggish in the first quarter, but I think that comes from being off a couple of weeks. We made a couple of adjustments and were able to shut them down.”

Chris Peterson

“I was off the last couple of days with my iron shots and never got the ball really close. That was probably why I didn't win.”

David Toms