Couple Related Quotes

“But we have a young team, so I think they learned a couple of lessons.”

Kimleon Turner

“If I've calculated it correctly, the city could probably capture a couple hundred thousand dollars a year.”

Gary Palmer

?I think we're benefiting from having this team together for a couple of years now. Having a lot of those guys back, especially early, when other teams are still finding themselves, it's a thrill. We'll see what coach wants to do. We're a heavy offensive team.?

Ben Olsen

“A couple print reporters. That's about it.”

Sandi Gibbons

“I know of a couple street improvements that are going to have to be made whether or not Wal-Mart opens.”

Cory Crebbin

“Couples must complete the entire process. The cost is approximately $16,500 for a couple and the wait time (for a child) is a year and a half process, from start to finish.”

Cara Cassella

“He was aggressive and did a good job with a couple of tough shots. It's tough to stay in this kind of game mentally.”

Dustin Bratlien

“Hopefully he is going to be tied up in the next couple of days. He has looked extremely impressive in training.”

Graham Rix

“It seems they are forgotten in a couple of months.”

Shannon Staub

“We had been watching Craig for a couple of years and were getting increasingly nervous about how strong they were getting and debated about different ways of attacking it. With the Craig phenomenon, there's a tipping point in every city. It's not clear when that is, or what that is, but there's certainly a point at which they just accelerate.”

Howie Rosen