Couple Related Quotes

“I knew it was going to be for a couple of weeks and that's what it's been. I missed about 10 months before that. This was quick.”

Patrik Elias

“Eric had a couple of injuries last year. But he throws the ball real hard and wants to be our closer. I look for him to be a real strength.”

Steve Mcfall

“As spring arrives, outdoor business endeavors should increase causing the unemployment rate to continue to drop over the next couple of months.”

Wayne Gasson

“If we get a couple of those shots to pop in, it could be a momentum changer. Unfortunately, it?s the bounce of the ball. Sometimes it goes in, sometimes it stays out.”

Gary Sherman

“It all starts with pressure. They also put the ball up for grabs a couple of times.”

Mike Redwine

“We walked High Point the last couple of shows ... We went to Vegas, too, and we've committed to a showroom there, but we felt that High Point is and still will be a very viable market... (Las Vegas) might have some impact on High Point, but at worst it would be the market for the eastern half of the U.S. But I believe there's room for two national markets.”

Seth Cohen

“We've had a couple and it is likely we'll have more. When it gets hotter, and we're using more air conditioning, it'll get worse.”

Peter Rosegg

“We wanted to prove ourselves to the county. And we didn't win by just a couple of runs, so that did a lot for us. This game wasn't about me. It was about our team.”

Ashton Whidden

“Joe spoke to me about it the last couple of years, if I would ever entertain it, ... and I spoke to my family about it and they were saying, `Maybe you should go give it a shot before you get too old.' ”

Ron Guidry

“Obviously, this team doesn't know how to win. They haven't won too many in the last couple years, so they were getting excited, and they stopped playing.”

Shawn Trent