Court Related Quotes

“When he makes a play, he comes down the court with a big grin. He's loves being on the court.”

David Leslie

“[Benton County Prosecuting Attorney Robin Green said she handled several jury trials in Huffman’s court after he was assigned DWI appeals from municipal courts.] Although I did not always agree with his rulings, I enjoyed Judge Huffman and his personality, ... He truly enjoyed the courthouse camaraderie. Every year he would bring cinnamon rolls to his office and invite everyone in the courthouse to join him for coffee and cinnamon rolls.”

Robin Green

“Maybe the court is asking, who is Mr. Reiner?”

Steve Gordon

“Both us and Cabrillo play better in the half-court. We've had some close games in recent years because of the similarity.”

Chris Shoemaker

“We knew Tennessee had lost, but we didn't dwell on it. We hadn't stepped on the court yet. We're in first now. If it falls in place for us, it falls in place.”

Glen Davis

“We came out and played soft early on. We didn't help each other out on either end of the court in the first half. And when you're facing a tough team like Northwestern, you can't play that way and hope to have a chance to win.”

Dan Roiger

“The Court of Appeals decision pretty much made it impossible for the government to prevail, ... The court said if the functionality is integrated and creates a plausible advantage to the consumer, then it's a single product and can't be an illegal tie-in. The government didn't anticipate that decision when it filed its complaint.”

Charles Rule

“You can see on the court that everybody's happy with each other. Everybody's passing the ball to each other. There's good vibes.”

Deshawn Stevenson

Forty-five hundred outstanding lawsuits now for Donald Trump, including Trump University in court .

George Stephanopoulos

“By and large, the court is very deferential to this administration and others before it.”

Carl Tobias