Court Related Quotes

“I can hang with any player, ... I shouldn't be intimidated or afraid to walk on the court with anybody. It definitely enlightens the future for me.”

Robby Ginepri

“It's been an emotional drain. Our off-the-court situation has taken a little bit of some of the players' spirit. That's human nature. Everybody responds to tragedy in different ways.”

Seth Greenberg

“We're definitely not a perfect team. We can make better choices in the half-court offense, execute better. We can always rebound better. I think that's something we can definitely work on.”

Camille Little

I think that banning sanctuary cities should be upheld in court.

Greg Abbott

“Because the case involves not only the court as a victim but a court employee, it just makes sense to bring in someone.”

Karen Dalton

You can smoke or drink on a golf course without interrupting the game, and you can take a leak - something you can't do on a squash court and shouldn't do in a swimming pool.

P. J. O'rourke

?The new Roberts court has sent a powerful and compelling message and that message is we don't give a damn about minorities in this country.?

Barbara Becnel

“I think it's a little naive to think that the state Supreme Court isn't going to at least see this as a message from the Legislature.”

Sen. Brad Benson

“He's not a psychopath. He's an abused child who comes before this court wondering how much more has to go on in his life before he's given the same opportunities as other children and adults.”

Gary Mitchell

There are pedosexuals who, even if the court forces them to go into treatment, do not pursue it or cannot pursue it.

Volkmar Sigusch