Cover Related Quotes

“Here I am laying on the floor and I grabbed whatever I could grab to cover up with, blankets and stuff off the furniture and that.”

Stanley Bauch

“We take it for granted we know the whole story - We judge a book by its cover and read what we want between selected lines.”

Axl Rose

“Yes sir, ... I have some tin that got lifted up by the rain, but my insurance won't cover it because the roof is too old.”

George Craig

“We have been a lot more compact. With three in the middle we can cover the centre-backs and it has worked well in Europe.”

Freddie Ljungberg

“A.J. fits that whole line about judging a book by its cover. You look on the outside and see some of the things he's doing on the field that maybe you don't think are appropriate. But once you get to know him, he's a fierce competitor and, at times, maybe not your best qualities come out when you're trying to win.”

Geoff Blum

“I don't care if there are 6-5 receivers out there. We still have to cover and if they make a catch, we still have to tackle and we didn't do a very good job of that.”

Cameron Jensen

“We were hitting the cover off the ball. We had a couple of quarters in our pocket.”

David Delainey

“Our customers and prospects have long asked for a single enterprise-wide data connectivity vendor that can cover all platforms including the mainframe. This acquisition lets us meet all of our customers' data access requirements - regardless of their environment and where their data sits. And by acquiring the industry leader in mainframe access, we will continue our tradition of providing our customers with the very highest quality data connectivity products available anywhere.”

Rick Reidy

“With the amount of weapons showing up on this offense, it seems like the defense is always scrambling to cover all the bases, and it gives a lot of people opportunities to make big plays. That's just what's been happening.”

Casey Rabach

“A common problem with most State-owned enterprises is that we are big, but not strong, because we cover too many businesses. In order to become a strong competitor in the international market, we must concentrate on the core business.”

Xu Chuanhai