Cowards Related Quotes

They say the only way you can truly kill a Celestra is by fire. I would gladly lend myself to the flames to peer down eternally over this sinful disgrace of a planet that houses cowards such as these.

Addison Moore

“This is a formidable enemy. To dismiss it as a bunch of 'cowards' perpetuating 'senseless acts of violence' is complacent nonsense. People willing to kill thousands of innocents while they kill themselves are not cowards. They are deadly vicious warriors and need to be treated as such.”

Charles Krauthammer

This is one of the stout-hearted old warriors: he is angry with civilization because he supposes that its aim is to make all goodthings--honors, treasures, beautiful women--accessible even to cowards.

Friedrich Nietzsche

“Born the day of full moons, they say the number seven is highly divine. Quadruple sevens must be, extremely unkind. I came to light on the seventh month, with a one holding a six; eighty-first year to be exact, with the eight hiding the one. Born the hour of chairs plus three guests, he did us a favor by leaving with his sad and cowardice ways; oh what man had I judged, to acquire such horrible ways?”

Enrique Vega

Slander is the tool of cowards.

Vanna Bonta

the impossibility of being human all too human this breathing in and out out and in these punks these cowards these champions these mad dogs of glory moving this little bit of light toward us impossibly.

Charles Bukowski

Obituaries are like near-death experiences for cowards.

Austin Kleon

none can be Tyrants but Cowards.

Mary Astell

Men are such cowards. They outrage every law in the world and are afraid of the world's tongue.

Oscar Wilde

Truth, but not the whole truth, must be the invariable principle of every man who hath either religion, honour, or prudence. Thosewho violate it, may be cunning, but they are not able. Lies and perfidy are the refuge of fools and cowards.

Lord Chesterfield