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“We created this menu line-up to add even more variety to our everyday HAVE IT YOUR WAY® options and appeal to our core customer, who is always looking for a good value, but isn't willing to sacrifice great taste. We even put a flagship burger, the WHOPPER JR., on our value menu.”

Russ Klein

“We created very little in the first half but were in the ascendancy after the break - although they did always look dangerous on the break.”

Simon Delahunty

“We created eight opportunities but didn't take them. It is something to be looked at. We were one pass away from scoring a number of tries but we are creating scoring opportunities.”

Andy Robinson

“If a man realizes that he has been created in God’s kinship and similarity, all obstacles will be perceived as ordinary work that has to be done”

Sunday Adelaja

“We think the recent sell-off has created some tremendous opportunities in the money center banks and the brokers, ... We'd be putting money into J.P. Morgan, which has had some lending to many of these companies that have had [accounting] problems. Citibank, we think, is going to do quite well and Morgan Dean Witter. So play off this negativity, buy some of these very good companies at very good prices.”

David Katz

?Those 48 shots were realistic shots. We drove through the middle as much as we could. We created outside lanes. We shot the puck a lot. If you throw the puck at the net you have a good chance of it going in.?

Barry Trotz

“Offering the program online has created a convenient way for students to submit activities on their own time.”

Cathie Sadler

“Do they not see that We have created cattle for them, out of what Our hands have wrought, so they are their masters? / And We have subjected them to them, so some of them they have to ride upon, and some of them they eat.”


“We learned that not all concerts are created equal. We'll look at the schedule before and after the dates and we'll look at the size of the show.”

Mike Dee

“It's created a big bureaucratic burden for large and small companies alike which international competitors don't have to bear. Our controls are probably better than before, but how much insurance can we afford to pay for?”

Steve Raymund