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“Claire and Brooke really stepped up and played big in the first half and Brunswick created some mismatches on the inside that threw us off a little bit. In the second half, we were able to cool them off a little bit. We picked up our intensity on the defensive end in getting rebounds and they stepped up.”

Kelly Lafountain

“Have we created a new PCB problem for ourselves? ... We have dug this hole for ourselves. It's like DDT; we find out it harms birds, and we pull it off the market. With PCBs, we find it causes health problems, and we pull it off the market. We have to learn the lesson.”

Clark Williams

“On the ordinary view of each species having been independently created, we gain no scientific explanation”

Charles Darwin

“We crashed the net a little harder this time and created second chance opportunities. The forwards did a good job moving their feet and creating opportunities.”

Dave Caruso

“a standard that Europeans created basically for their own purposes.”

Andrew Natsios

“My linemen were the defensive players of the game. Robert Blount, Marcus Williams and Martin Jiminez really created havoc in Clark's backfield.”

Roy Richards

“Having the founder of a movement he created say it doesn't work and is even harmful should send shockwaves through the 'ex-gay' ministry, ... This is like Randall Terry saying Operation Rescue is bunk, or James Dobson repudiating Focus on the Family.”

Wayne Besen

“He Himself is the Immaculate Lord. He who has created, shall Himself destroy.”

Sri Guru Granth Sahib

“The political picture created now is far different than it was in 1992 when Yitzhak Rabin was elected.”

Yoram Peri

“It currently is in a stage where the eruptions wouldn't be as catastrophic as the eruptions that created it.”

Larry Crumpler