Credit Related Quotes

“We did not play Iowa football and you have to give credit to Iowa State. ISU was prepared and shut us down.”

Chad Greenway

“I have to give them a lot of credit that they deserve. They came out and executed, and that's what the game came down to. They got after it, they got off the ball, and they made us pay in the open field with a few missed tackles.”

Adam Beach

“Credit derivatives and hedge funds have grown fairly spectacularly over the last five years,”

Andrew Lo

“Their offensive rebounds were the back-breaker. You have to give Slaughter great credit. (SDSU) is an extremely talented team and you can't give away so many possessions to them without bad things happening.”

Dale Layer

“Change is a funny thing most of the time one does not need to change them self but only their way of thinking””

Kenneth Waters Jr

“Every time you open an account, you're dinging your credit rating a little bit.”

Craig Watts

“Give Jamestown a lot of credit. They are well-coached and they shoot the ball very well. That is one thing about NAIA teams: they may be a little smaller, but they generally shoot the ball well. Jamestown played hard until the end and they never quit. They have a good, young team.”

Don Meyer

“You have to give West Aurora credit, when a team makes a run on you like that, and you're favored on your home floor, people start looking over their shoulders. They just responded. That's the sign of a championship team.”

Wendell Jeffries

?He that buys upon Credit, pays Interest for what he buys.?

Benjamin Franklin

“The law in Texas doesn't give you any credit if you voluntarily take something and it impairs you even worse. You don't get a benefit because you combine your impairing substances. In fact, in my opinion, it is even worse.”

Warren Diepraam