Credit Related Quotes

“I saw more uncalled contact tonight than I've seen all year. But to our credit, our guys didn't lose their cool and never fell apart.”

David Thomas

?He that buys upon Credit, pays Interest for what he buys.?

Benjamin Franklin

“Credit derivatives and hedge funds have grown fairly spectacularly over the last five years,”

Andrew Lo

“They protected well and deserve a lot of credit, but when you're not skating, it's a lot easier for them to do.”

Randy Cunneyworth

“Give them credit. They may be the best hitting team in this thing. They made adjustments and hit the ball hard.”

Al Pound

“Most banking systems in the Asia-Pacific region have improved their credit profiles, thanks to stable economic conditions and continuing structural improvements. This is in spite of rising oil prices and interest rates threatening the broader economic recovery.”

Ping Chew

“Credit buying is much like being drunk. The buzz happens immediately and gives you a lift... The hangover comes the day after.”

Dr. Joyce Brothers

“You've just got to give credit to Pitt and all the shots they made. Everything they were putting up was falling in.”

Deandre Haynes

“(SDSU) has terrific talent. Slaughter and Heath were terrific. We could not stop Heath. Give them credit. They responded to every one of our runs.”

Dale Layer

“I wasn't showboating. I just ran out of gas. I've got to give Ben Watson a lot of credit for not giving up and sticking with it and making that play.”

Champ Bailey