Crimes Related Quotes

“I think that candidates who have pending cases of blood crimes and economic crimes must be definitely banned.”

Francois Bozize

“The evidence is clear. This reaches the top -- the very top of our archdiocese, ... Regrettably, the perpetrators of these crimes and the people that protected them will never face the penalties they deserve.”

Lynne Abraham

“There are so many Cambodians, particularly young people, who just don't believe that these crimes happened. They think this must have been some evil external force - it must be China, Vietnam, the Americans who did this.”

Craig Etcheson

“As prosecutors, we're given a certain amount of discretion. Most use that discretion wisely and focus on crimes that are more serious.”

Chris Oakley

“He is complicit in serious international crimes.”

Fred Teeven

“I was assigned to do a job by the attorney general, and that was to find out whether crimes were committed in this (Paula Jones) sexual harassment lawsuit,”

Ken Starr

“These crimes have been very senseless. What are some of the things that we can do about them?”

Reggie Brown

“Some pedophiles mistakenly believe they can escape detection and prosecution by committing child sex crimes overseas.”

Charles Demore

“Nothing justifies such crimes,”

Saeb Erakat

“My guess is he's been out there before and he's escalating in his crimes, which makes him more dangerous, Absolutely. And the question is when.”

Pat Brown