Critical Related Quotes

“Their efforts were successful. It's really critical to keep the airport open, especially if we end up with a two-day closure of I-80.”

Steve Frady

“Unfortunately, the proponents of censorship won out by inflaming false fears that this critical analysis lesson plan is the equivalent of teaching intelligent design.”

Casey Luskin

“This is a critical time for us if we're going to stay in the race until the end. We can't get too much separation between us and the top.”

Dave Rose

“I don't believe there is one critical error. They are going to be some missteps that were made by everyone involved.”

Russ Knocke

“Because manufacturers can accurately follow the overall process flow, they can find out critical process steps and adjust them accordingly to increase inlay yield, and end users will get products where performance variations are smaller.”

Lari Kytölä

“Infant care is critical. Very rarely do we see a provider take all infants - (infants) need more attention and (care givers) can only take a few by law.”

Catherine Bourland

“Personal storage is a critical contributing factor towards the digital lifestyle. Consumers want functionality, higher capacity, convenient and affordable product. A notebook or laptop is no longer a prerequisite to engage in digital communication - technology is an enabler and should be accessible to everyone.”

Gary Naidoo

“The next two weeks are absolutely critical for a fair amount of guys on the team because its very competitive in about four positions.”

Mike Holmgren

“The steady fall in the critical confidence balances this year, for both manufacturing and services, is extremely worrying and requires an urgent policy response.”

David Frost

“Every application development project really is an integration project. When you look at enterprise IT, if it's a mission-critical app, it's going to have to connect with other systems.”

Mike Burba