Critical Related Quotes

“As in any research, achieving precise efficiency benchmarks is a critical step, ... Particularly in this kind of research, where reported efficiency numbers can vary so widely, we're grateful to the NREL for assisting us in confirming the accuracy of our work.”

Yang Yang

“It's critical that as the host nation, Canadian athletes have spectacular results.”

Cathy Priestner Allinger

“This project is designed to preserve and improve two interstate highways that are critical to the transportation system in southeastern Pennsylvania.”

George Dunheimer

“Union negotiations will play a critical role in the plan's success, and even with the health care concessions, it is not clear that a sense of urgency and shared pain exists at the UAW.”

Craig Hutson

“They hung in there in some critical situations. They overcame some real good players going out of the game for different reasons and overcame some bad breaks and some turnovers. I just told them it won't go down in history as one of the great victories in Lobo football, but it's a damn nice victory for us.”

Rocky Long

“We have to do a better job controlling momentum. We have to understand those critical situations, and we have to take charge in those areas. It will give our team a better chance to win.”

Mike Sullivan

“The AOL unit is a critical piece of the puzzle.”

Lanny Baker

“Our lifestyle, our wildlife, our land and our water remain critical to our definition of Wyoming and to our economic future.”

Dave Freudenthal

“There won't be much help from the federal or state level. Local response is going to be critical.”

Chuck Hammer

“We have been overwhelmed. It's been wonderful. We learned that documentation is so critical to make sure everybody gets back what they want because these are treasures.”

Susanna Swade