Cross Related Quotes

“Because the president, not the (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) could authorize or not authorize cross-border operations from Mexican motor carriers, and because FMCSA has no discretion to prevent the entry of Mexican trucks, its EA did not need to consider the environmental effects arising from the entry,”

Clarence Thomas

“We are pleased and honored to partner with Mr. Stone, the jockeys and the American Red Cross for such a worthy cause. One hundred percent of the money raised will go to the American Red Cross Hurricane Katrina relief fund.”

Sherwood Chillingworth

“The Red Cross was the first on the scene,”

Harold Perrineau

“if guys cross the line.”

Colin Campbell

“It was Christ who willingly went to the cross, and it was our sins that took him there.”

Franklin Graham

“First responders are really needed even more. (Katrina) depleted the National Guard; the Red Cross is really stretched. We're the eyes and ears for the first 72-96 hours to help out the community.”

Don Lewis

“They're concentrating more on international routes, they've restructured their domestic operations and now they're going to cross their fingers.”

Douglas Baird

“We'll cross that bridge when we come to it”


“Images of burning Red Cross and UN buildings struck by US bombs contrasted with images of thousands of desperately poor Afghan women carrying sickly and starving children out of Afghanistan as they flee the might of the US military is tearing at international public confidence in our war against terrorism.”

Cynthia Mckinney