Crunch Related Quotes

“Before the gas crunch really hit two or three years ago, we would probably sell maybe eight scooters a year,”

Mark Smith

“Without question, Kurt was our go-to guy. He played fearlessly and wanted the ball in his hands at crunch time.”

Mickey Martin

“So munch on, crunch on, take your nuncheon, / Breakfast, supper, dinner, luncheon!”

Robert Browning

“For a small movement, this is harder than it looks. You feel it in your side holding the crunch that long.”

Ray Brown

“We didn't execute during crunch time. They did a good job of shadowing Will, which everybody is going to do, but my guys stopped trying to get the ball to him. I don't know how many shots he got in the fourth quarter, but I bet he didn't get more than a handful.”

Calvin Saunders

“We stay together. We enjoy sticking together and playing in crunch time.”

Carl Krauser

“Data-based issues, like mapping, tend to fall by the wayside when there is a crunch on resources,”

Robert Gates

“I'm sure every player in this league, every player that considers himself a competitor, they want the ball in crunch time. I want the ball all the time, ... I want to break the single-game attempt record one day. I could have got it (Sunday) if we had enough plays.”

Fred Taylor

“We're finding ourselves in a crunch. At this point, all our kindergarten classes are full. All our first-grade classes are full, all our second grades are full.”

Marilyn King

“Free throws always win games. Toward the end of the game, when it became crunch time, we hit some big free throws and that pretty much gave us the game.”

Daniel Dillon