Customers Related Quotes

“People are in agreement that there should be reductions. But when we invest our customers' money we need proven technology.”

Dan Bishop

“We don't plan to put up with the fact that gas destined for European customers is being used in Ukraine. We understand it's cold, but Ukraine isn't the only place where it's cold. No one gave Ukraine the right to take more gas than contracted.”

Sergei Kupriyanov

“A lot of our customers kept asking how we did, so we figured we'd decorate the salon to show them that we won.”

Roseann Hawley

“We know that there is a growing number of customers out there that are starting to raise questions about this whole subject of climate change and energy security... and looking for things they can do to address it.”

Niel Golightly

“Greater customer diversity makes Dana a stronger company, which makes us a better supplier to all of our customers. Our customers understand and agree with this.”

Chuck Hartlage

“Our customers have been really patient.”

Erik Anderson

“We are proud to see Bangkok Airways joining the growing list of launch customers for the A350. This really demonstrates the popularity of our new wide-body in the market place. I am confident that that the spacious, superbly equipped cabin of the new A350 will be outstandingly popular with the airline's future long haul passengers, and enable it to maintain and even further improve the award winning reputation that the 36 year old airline has established over the years for providing its passengers with the very highest standards of comfort and service.”

Gustav Humbert

“He wanted to see how truly profitable his customers were. He had an intuitive sense -- we've got all these great customers (we think) but we need to find what it's costing us to serve them. His intuition was correct.”

Mike Green

“We want to move customers away from being dependent on branches for cash, particularly at month-end. We also want to discourage the habit of withdrawing the entire amount in one go. We need their cash in the bank for longer.”

Riaan Stassen

“Some customers prefer the electric drive train. This gives Caterpillar that option for them.”

Mark Koznarek