Customers Related Quotes

“Everything they've been doing for the last few years has been built for this. By looking at the ways customers in different industries depend on documents, this strategy gives them the opportunity to position themselves as something other than a seller of boxes.”

Rudy Hokanson

“One of the things we've found, as have our large customers, is the need for remaining flexible within the corporate structure.”

Scott Washburn

“The fact is, yes, our customers are important, ... We do listen to our fans. We do survey our fans. And we do try to connect with them. I'd be the first to tell you that we clearly need to do a better job at that. That starts with me and any contact we have with our fan base.”

David Montgomery

“This bill will enable Nevada casinos to utilize recent advancements in mobile technology to enhance their customers' gaming experience, as they compete against casinos in other jurisdictions and Internet gaming operations.”

David Loflin

“He loves sitting on the counter. I've caught him with a paw in customers' purses.”

Pat Schneider

“It is similar to the process in Massachusetts, where it is a six-month cycle for half of the customers and then the rates are blended.”

David Graves

“Our customers are going to be shut out with all the closed streets.”

Steven Ross

“Many of the technologies we're bringing out lend themselves to managed offerings. They are, by definition, complex, and customers are looking for expertise from our partners.”

Chuck Robbins

“Currently, Asia is the only game in town. ... A success in China clearly translates to the U.S. ... Our customers are watching closely.”

Daniel Lipman

“We were stuck in the 1970s in terms of our offering to our customers.”

Nigel Turner