Cut Related Quotes

“I think the market got everything they were anticipating, which was a 50 basis point cut (half a percentage point) and a willingness on the part of the Fed to continue accommodation if they saw the need for it.”

Shannon Reid

“You're going to be cut and bruised in places you didn't know you had.”

Craig Lowry

“We've got our work cut out for us. We've got to get some guys healthy, and we need more depth. We were hoping for a little more in the opening meet, but you can't always expect the best.”

Craig Fuller

“At the end, there was an audible intake of breath. They realized this is a cut above.”

Katie Gardner

“We all assume Sony would do a price cut in the later half of the year.”

Lisa Spicer

“It's unfortunate that qualifying was cut short because we had three more hot laps that we were going to put on the tires before the start of the race. The red flag came out just at the wrong time, as it often seems to do in racing.”

Doug Fehan

“It was a huge win for us, obviously, because we cut (three) games from our schedule.”

Chris Schultz

“If walls are wet, the recommendation is to cut out the Sheetrock and remove the insulation. If you see black come through those walls, you have mold. You cannot kill mold spores using bleach. And insulation has to be taken out because it's not going to dry.”

Vicky Conroy

“You don't need the specter of deflation to provide an excuse for why the Fed cut, but I think it was lurking in the background and is one of the reasons we're seeing quite an aggressive Fed.”

Doug Porter

“These states and cities like Los Angeles should not be forced to cut back on vital support services such as mental health services, child care, food banks, treatment education, and case management in order to satisfy an ill-considered mandate from Washington.”

Craig Thompson