Cut Related Quotes

“Just as is the case with the sales tax, once we get those returns in we'll cut the city a check. By December or January we should be able to get an idea of what sort of revenue the tax will generate,”

Chris King

“The exact figure (of the tax cut) I will release tomorrow (Tuesday), ... It won't be exactly the way the president had it, but it will be very, very aggressive and will send a strong signal that we in the majority party feel that there's a great deal of anxiety about the economy.”

Charles Grassley

“In the second half Wartburg came out very aggressive and cut into our lead. But every time they made a run, one of our players had an answer. It was fun.”

Dan Roiger

“Is that a budget cut, or is that a savings? When you do something more efficiently, I just don't understand people who say you shouldn't do it more efficiently.”

Mike Stamler

“I cut the emergency switch just in time to keep 'Winnie Mae' from making an exhibition of herself by standing on her nose. That would have been fatal to our hopes.”

Wiley Post

“Is it your opinion Dr. Reichardt that Nicole Brown deserved to have had her throat cut?”

Christopher Darden

“(The deal) will cut our roaming costs and offer significant marketing synergies, which will enable us to improve the value we offer customers.”

Chris Gent

“And We revealed to him this decree, that the roots of these shall be cut off in the morning.”


“It is a belt-tightening budget. We cut where we could cut.”

Frank Jacobson

“We believe Microsoft could follow suit with a similar price cut on the original Xbox; however, the impact of an Xbox cut would be limited due to declining supplies of the console.”

Colin Sebastian