Daily Related Quotes

“I don't think he'll be used on a one-inning, daily basis.”

Jack Mckeon

““The internal dialogue is what grounds people in the daily world. The world is such and such or so and so, only because we talk to ourselves about its being such and such and so and so. The passageway into the world of shamans opens up after the warrior has learned to shut off his internal dialogue.””

Carlos Castaneda

“I parked under her building on a daily basis when I drove into the city. On our first date we went to a little deli across the street which we both frequented all the time ... but that was the first time we ever really met.”

Keith Meyerson

“A BOA is not only responsible for the daily operation of the branch, but also must provide top-level client service and marketing support for my activities.”

Greg Myers

Make a Goal Box, a chart of positive daily contact with a family when you are working with them.

Richard G. Scott

“Echo your reality on a daily basis”

Sunday Adelaja

“To die daily, after the manner of St. Paul, ensures the resurrection of a new man, who makes each day the epitome of life.”

William Osler

“I read that piece and thought, 'I'm getting out of here,' ... I'm getting out of daily journalism because this is a level way above what I and everybody I know has been doing, and I want to try to do something like this. It's a very influential piece.”

David Halberstam

“With gasoline prices, you see that on a daily basis as you drive by and see the price on the signs at the gas station, ... The pricing signal for natural gas comes after you've used it, so it's important to try and get out in front and educate people that this is going to be a significantly costlier heating season than we've had in the past.”

Scott Smith

“We had seen the daily and weekly sentiment surveys show a small dip in consumer attitudes at the end of January. Some of that could have been related to the late January rise in energy prices.”

Gary Thayer