Dangerous Related Quotes

“is a dangerous enemy.”

Pat Robertson

“I wouldn't say this track's dangerous. Everyone's capable of getting down.”

Courtney Zablocki

“Gatlin is dangerous whenever he gets the ball. We have him all over the field. (York) is one of the those junior high players, the more times he touches the ball, the more good things are going to happen.”

Fred Hartsfield

“The fact that they are on the run does not make them any less dangerous.”

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono

“It's definitely more dangerous this time around. I didn't expect to lose so many friends so soon.”

David Jones

“Tyrone is dangerous. He's a heck of an athlete. Bensalem did some things to take him away.”

Van Smith

“Probably the most dangerous chemical they have that I'm aware of at this point ... is toluene, which can be explosive but it would be hard to ignite.”

Capt. Ronnie Rector

“It's just too dangerous, and it just hasn't worked.”

Chip Patterson

“We are in dangerous medical territory right now.”

Dave Flaskas

“It's still a dangerous aircraft,”

Eric Miller