Data Related Quotes

“It took an accumulation of data to say that none of our hopes for this procedure were being realized.”

Dr. Katherine Hartmann

“The only fortunate event in the investigation is that we have the flight data recorder.”

Akrivos Tsolakis

“We saw not much of a reaction to the Canadian data, but a little bit of a pop after the U.S. data came out, but on balance we haven't really moved.”

George Davis

“Traders are coming in every morning with a bias to sell dollars. The market expects that irrespective of the data, the Fed is going to pause after its next meeting.”

Michael Jansen

“We do destroy the data on any computer we refurbish to Department of Defense standards.”

Christine Banks

“The global payment system is only as secure as its weakest link. To prevent future data security compromises, everyone, everywhere, that engages in commerce must take responsibility for their role in the payments chain, including, banks, processors, retailers, and consumers.”

Christopher Rodrigues

“The revised data emerged slightly above our forecast.”

Mitsushige Akino

“The launch of Data Enhancement is the first offer within our new series of services, but ultimately it is our initial move in a new direction for DM2-DecisionMaker.”

Steve Rourke

“Everybody is always worried about executives' laptops and all of the data that is on them, and what would happen if that laptop were to get stolen. And now essentially it doesn't even matter if it were physically stolen or not.”

David Thomas

“[Our] patents have become fundamental to remote access of business data. We have worked very hard to develop these technologies and we want to be respected and ensure that we get the award—other people should not take the fruits of our labor in their hands.”

Daniel Méndez