Data Related Quotes

“There are huge inaccuracies in the data that appear in these reports.”

Karen Gross

“There's always a context to data. Even when a field is blank, different applications impose different assumptions about what that means.”

Ron Schmelzer

“With economic data better than expected, the Fed could continue to increase rates. If the Fed goes beyond 5.25 percent, it would be negative for stocks. If it doesn't, the stock market would find a new burst of energy.”

Christophe Donay

“It's becoming less certain, the third (rate hike). We're waiting to see how the remaining data comes through.”

Mark Chandler

I would rather have racing without computers. The human side is forgotten, and instead of talking over what's happening and just trusting the feel of the driver, the data becomes almost more important.

Jacques Villeneuve

“The housing markets had been the U.S. economy's Achilles heel. Faced with strong housing data yesterday, some dollar-bears have surrendered.”

Michiyoshi Kato

“It's too early to conclude it's the end of the dollar rally. Data in the U.S. should continue to be healthy and we could see rate expectations moving higher, supporting the dollar.”

Niels Christensen

“There was an immediate benefit to virtualization, ... We went from 12 servers in two data centers to two servers in one data center and no performance hit.”

David Grant

“Given today's jump in sentiment numbers, hard economic data for January should follow suit.”

Ralph Solveen

“It is our priority to figure out whether the data used in the experiments had been falsified or not.”

Roe Jung Hye