Data Related Quotes

“Overall, we continue to expect the group to be volatile yet directionless here as seasonally depressed winter data are reported over the next several weeks, but remain convinced that the group is positioned to rally on the back of stronger than expected spring-order data.”

Stephen Kim

“The underlying message from the data is that at the coal face producers are seeing higher costs, but as one moves closer and closer to the consumer these are reduced in both quarter-on-quarter and year-on-year terms.”

Michael Every

“U.S. industry says its sales data does not support this claim, and there is no other evidence to show that China has moved forward to purchase and use only legal software.”

Chris Israel

“Compliant records data is presently estimated to grow over 60 percent per year, generating more than 1.6 PB of new storage capacity requirements in 2006. This represents the single fastest growing application segment of the storage industry.”

Fred Moore

“There's a great deal of data to show that youth involvement in politics is the greatest it's been since the 1960s.”

Daniel Shea

“However, we are reaching a point on the calendar when the data should be settling down and there is no indication that the number of new filers is poised to move back to the 310,000 to 340,000 range that prevailed in 2005 prior to the hurricanes.”

Stephen Stanley

“Other than the U.S. payrolls data, there isn't any fresh market-moving factor.”

Mamoru Ashimoto

“No matter what type of operating system is implemented, it is critical for users to employ good methods for data protection and recovery.”

Rhoda Phillips

“There is huge pressure from industry to get Congress to preempt state data breach notice laws. It's quite a mess now.”

Chris Hoofnagle

“It's a smart move by Brocade to provide solutions for managing data files in a way that provides access across an entire organization, with the tools to ensure security, file integrity, and optimized use of resources.”

Steve Duplessie