Dead Related Quotes

If you don't have any fight in you, you might as well be dead.

Scott Caan

“Scarcely a tear to shed;Hardly a word to say;The end of a Summer's day;Sweet Love is dead.”

William Allingham

“This program is a blessing. If I didn't have this program, I would probably be dead by now. When I got here, I was slowly dying. They provided me with a doctor, and everything turned around.”

Richard Williams

?We are not quite sure if he is alive or dead,?

Baqir Jabbur

“If you're not breathing or your heart's not beating, within four to six minutes you go from clinically dead to biologically dead,”

David Spears

“So far we have reports of 50 dead and 15 critically injured.”

Manmohan Singh

“What's important is for me to find them even if they're dead. I've not eaten since this thing happened.”

Dionisio Elmosora

“Eight thousand sick and dead birds have been tested, fortunately all negative.”

Kamyar Dahim

“Rock n' Roll isn't dead, he just took a vacation. He'll be back with a bang!”

C. Lide Sangtam

“Did I ever get lucky. I hit it dead in the middle of the ball. It would have gone 125 yards if it didn't hit the bank. It hit right into the face of the bank, popped straight up in the air and ended up about six feet from the hole. It was the best break I've ever had on the golf course. I think he really started pressing a lot after that.”

Austin Eaton Iii