Deal Related Quotes

I think God is how you deal with everything that's out of your own control.

Douglas Coupland

I felt a tremendous sadness for men who can't deal with a woman of their own age.

Michael Caine

“You play the hand you're dealt. I think the game's worthwhile.”

C.s. Lewis

“I've learned the hard lesson that you can't pin your heart on anything until it's a completely done deal.”

Will Kemp

“[There's also the matter of Saskin's contract, a four-year deal that includes a two-year option, worth about $2.1 million annually.] That's another thing that Trevor decided to take upon himself, ... It was just Trevor Linden and Ted negotiating with each other.”

Chris Chelios

“She was 7-8 from the line and that helped us out a great deal. She has improved her free throw shooting throughout the season.”

Christy Nall

“I believe we are quite close to a commercial deal, to finalize it with Bernie. We are basically agreed. Something will happen maybe this week or next week, but on the commercial part I believe we are very much in agreement.”

Flavio Briatore

“If AT&T;'s stock drifts lower, it is a factor, but not a deal killer. These stocks have really jumped in terms of where they were.”

Daniel Morgan

“Institutions said, 'Maybe I'd consider it at $4,' and they try to put a deal together. They have to talk to corporate investors. They say, 'Here's the deal. What do you think?' It's an active negotiation.”

David Menlow

A fool is often as dangerous to deal with as a knave, and always more incorrigible.

Charles Caleb Colton