Decide Related Quotes

Usually I decide on what it is I'm writing next by the books I'm reading.

Kate Mosse

“The key swing vote is the passive investors who decide whether to piggyback on what the activists are doing. For every dollar of activist money involved in a campaign, there is usually at least $10 of non-activist money involved.”

Whitney Tilson

“If I had to decide right now, it would be between Kansas, Indiana and Baylor. I am not ready to make a decision now. I just want to finish out the season, and then I will be ready to make a decision.”

Darrell Arthur

He is free knows how to keep in his own hands the power to decide.

Salvador De Madariaga

Madeline knew how that was. So many people had ideas of what you should and shouldn't do, but in the end you had to decide for yourself.

Ellen Airgood

Decide what you stand for. And then stand for it all the time.

Clayton Christensen

“Should Southwest decide to fly from Denver to every city in their network, they would still only offer 60% of the coverage United offers today, ... We will be delighted to fly you to the 800 destinations they can't.”

Glenn Tilton

“People don’t desire their future, they decide their habits and their habits decide their future.”

Vikrant Parsai

Decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.

Gianni Versace

I cannot go and tell women what to wear and what not to wear; you have to decide on your own.

Carolina Herrera