Defense Related Quotes

“We finished strong. We got some shots to fall, and we got aggressive on defense and got some steals.”

Chris Kempf

“People have been counting us out all year. We believe in our defense. We won our district and we're proud of that.”

William Houff

“She plays defense, but we gave her the green light to decided when she thought she could take it up and take the shot as well as be back on defense if she had too. She did a great job of covering both ends of the ice. Her stamina is incredible.”

Chris Turley

“Our defense has really been playing well lately. We feel like we're coming along right now as a team.”

Chris Griffin

“This move is to put the defense team on a proper legal foundation and when the family appoints lawyers it then knows who is whom.”

Abdel Haq Alani

“Any time you have good running backs and you can pound the ball, it creeps up that defense. That play action works very well, and that's what happened with Hart.”

David Mahoney

“Other than the penalties (six for 57 yards), I was very happy with our performance. Our execution and defense was very good. I'm happy with being able to shut out Lakeview.”

Ed Greenman

I was invited by President Bush to come to the United States on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the mutual defense treaty.

Gloria Macapagal-arroyo

“Defense is a big concern. In '01, '02, '03 we were at the top of the conference in defense. That didn't happen last year.”

Jack Cosgrove

“We've been working toward a defense that is more aggressive and gets after people, and some of that showed in this game. It was a pleasant surprise, since season-opening games are so unpredictable.”

Chris Kirkpatrick