Demand Related Quotes

“There is no on-demand response team, nor should there need to be.”

Anita Beaty

“Strong demand continues, and we are on plan for a good fiscal year.”

Ed Zander

“SAP customers evaluating a departmental or quick-ramp SFA project should take a look at SAP CRM on-demand, but remember that only part of the full SFA is addressed in this first release.”

Robert Bois

“Although there weren't any sellers in this market about a week or ten days ago, supply-demand conditions deteriorated sharply.”

Soichiro Monji

“We look at what the specific demand is between nonstop points, essentially how much demand there is in the local market. But we're also looking to maximize our overall network, so we're looking at traffic and revenue available to us from all points that connect through Denver.”

Kevin Knight

“Demand is up, supply is not rising fast enough to keep prices down, so the only relief valve is price.”

Guy Caruso

“I think this is the start of a sustainable rally. Fundamentals appear to be good and end-market demand is good. Average selling prices for chips are holding up.”

Eric Ross

“During the quarter, we experienced particularly strong demand for our workgroup servers, high-end servers and services.”

Michael Lehman

“That's perhaps the most uncertain piece of the forecast. There's a lot of pent-up demand for mobile experiences, but the user base isn't there to drive an advertising model.”

Greg Sterling

“Oxford's newly designed and proprietary Video On Demand system allows smaller hotel properties to offer first run Hollywood hits with a much lower cost system than previously available in the industry making this underserved market accessible with profitability to our clients, as well as Oxford Media.”

Cliff Hall