Demand Related Quotes

“2006 and 2007 will be good seasons for the memory industry. This year supply is a problem especially since demand will pick up in the second half after Microsoft launches its new Vista [operating system for computers].”

Charles Kau

“We're proud to be the first mainstream carbonated soft drink brand to address consumer demand for a great tasting lemon-lime soft drink made from 100% natural ingredients.”

Randy Gier

“At this juncture, it appears that U.S. corn consumption and demand prospects are stronger than prospects for U.S. soybeans.”

Darrel Good

“There already is a growing demand for the circuitry that runs these things. The demand is going to be huge.”

Kenan Pollack

“Imposing a ratio doesn't help you hire another nurse. What it does is create demand that drives up wages.”

Danny Chun

“New construction is not keeping pace with demand, meaning that potential renters must compete harder for available properties.”

Craig James

“We simply don't have enough homes on the market to meet demand. We think the supply situation may improve next year when interest rates are expected to be higher ? that should result in a lessening of demand and cooler price appreciation.”

David Lereah

“The Fed is a price fixer; it fixes the price of short-term credit. If there's an increase in demand for credit, interest rates want to rise. But because the Fed is fixing the price of credit to keep rates from rising, it has to create more reserves or allow banks to create more money, and that's what leads to bubbles.”

Paul Kasriel

“Suppliers are struggling to meet demand at the moment. It has come very late. A month or two ago, there was virtually no demand. But they've all jumped on the bandwagon in the past two or three weeks.”

David Lewis

“rising crude oil prices, low fuel inventories, strong summer driving season demand and an environmentally driven transition to new gasoline specifications are combining to keep upward pressure on pump prices.”

Daniel Yergin