Departed Related Quotes

I am not immune to the lure of a signed record, flier or set list. The fact that your music heroes potentially had, in their own hands, the record you now have in yours is kind of cool. When the musician has departed, it can give the thing a unique power.

Henry Rollins

After the rains departed the skies and settled on earth - clear skies; moist brilliant earth - greater clarity returned to life alone with the blue above and made the world below rejoice with the freshness of the recent rain. It left heaven in our souls and a freshness in our hearts.

Fernando Pessoa

Our egoism gains nothing from acts of love, but the world gains all the more. Esotericism tells us that love is to the world what the Sun is for outer life. No soul could thrive if love departed from the world. Love is the "moral" Sun of the world.

Rudolf Steiner

Leo couldn't deliver Mr. Martin Scorsese his Oscar with 'The Aviator', but I will go on record to say I will do so in 'The Departed'.

Anthony Anderson

Remember to think of your departed mother always as living, just away in another room of our Father's house.

Maltbie Davenport Babcock

She watched the gap between ship and shore grow to a huge gulf. Perhaps this was a little like dying, the departed no longer visible to the others, yet both still existed, only in different worlds.

Susan Wiggs

The Heavenly City already exists and the departed Saints are already there!

David Berg

Platitude: All that is mortal of a departed truth.

Ambrose Bierce

Now may every living thing, young or old,weak or strong, living near or far, known orunknown, living or departed or yet unborn,may every living thing be full of bliss."


Before you speakI have already heard. Before you seeI had seen a million times. Before you reachI came and departed, so is the way and life of a versatile soul.

Michael Bassey Johnson