Department Related Quotes

“This arrest is the result of a joint investigation conducted by SLEDC and the South Carolina Department of Corrections.”

Sled Inspector Richard Hunton

“The department has spent more than $300,000 since 2004 maintaining the site and treating the discharge.”

Helen Humphreys

“For the past couple years, the police department has been operating at a $150,000 to $200,000 deficit (per year); that's why the replacement will be 4 mills.”

Wade Estep

“The department of finance and those who helped us should be commended for their sterling job that kept the party activities rolling under such difficult situations, particularly because of the drought and continual rise in inflation.”

Cde Karimanzira

“He was a small person and very soft spoken, but he was a huge presence in the department and the university. His reputation was national and went beyond.”

George Herring

“The Treasury Department will continue to take action as necessary to protect against threats to our financial system and our institutions.”

Daniel Glaser

“Like health officials monitoring a restaurant, the St. Joe County health department will make sure that we do a good job.”

Cappy Gagnon

“They are under intense pressure from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to get those signs down. Those signs are an embarrassment to the MDNR.”

Dennis Fijalkowski

“The New Orleans Police Department commandeered about 300 new vehicles, pre-owned vehicles and customer cars,”

Carl Sewell

“We are developing a four-year plan to retool the department and design a system to address every student's needs.”

Candace Millington