Department Related Quotes

“I have no problem using the credit card; definitely OK in that department. But I can't rent a car.”

Paula Creamer

“Over the past three months, I have witnessed denial, deception, threats to [Defense Department] employees, character assassination, and now silence,”

Curt Weldon

“[Davis said the town contacted the county building inspections department shortly after meeting with Morton.] We've done all we can, ... The property owner acknowledges he has a problem and he's going to fix it.”

Eric Davis

“Rochemback has got that certain something we've been missing - the X-factor in the midfield department,”

Steve Mcclaren

“They were terminated due to them abandoning the department prior to the storm. They either left before the hurricane or 10 to 12 days after the storm and we have never heard from them.”

Warren Riley

“We've made our department aware that these guns are out there, it's about all we can do.”

Wayne Silcox

?The Department found no reasonable cause to believe that any of the provisions of Title VIII of the Fair Housing Act were violated by the respondent.?

Barbara Knox

“There has been, and continues to be, a strong shift of consumer spending away from traditional department stores and specialty stores over to discount stores.”

Kurt Barnard

“Funds were donated by staff throughout the district, with the core amount coming from the maintenance department.”

Philip Russell

“The sheriff believes in the team approach, working together internally for the betterment of the department. It's a win for everyone.”

Rick Reeves