Department Related Quotes

“The department heads, they decided whether they liked it, that was their job.”

Dan Webb

“The sound department was constantly yelling at me. I don't have a very loud voice to begin with. A lot of times, they'd put a lavaliere mike on me and crank it up.”

Donna Mills

“This arrest is the result of a joint investigation conducted by SLEDC and the South Carolina Department of Corrections.”

Sled Inspector Richard Hunton

“As a department, we're as disturbed and concerned as everyone else. That's certainly not what we contracted for. Since this broke [last Monday, Jan. 30], we haven't released any remains to them. We have a new contractor, as of Feb. 5.”

Mary Mulrenan

“Anyone that watches 'ER' knows what happens in the emergency department,”

George Innes

“We're lacking in the size department. Big linemen are at a premium right now. We went after several guys during this last recruiting season, but all of the ones with decent size were snapped up by Division I schools. There just weren't that many to be had. I guess everybody is facing the same problem.”

Charlie Coe

“I have a feeling that makes me very uneasy that the Department of Homeland Security is dysfunctional,”

Christopher Shays

“By better characterizing crime trends and patterns to predict where crime was likely to occur, the police department could anticipate criminal activity and proactively place their resources.”

Colleen Mccue

“All construction is going to impact the traveling public a bit. But everything is set up according to Florida Department of Transportation guidelines.”

Peter Bonk

“It is the University of California's intent to comply fully with the requirements of the Department of Energy and to ensure that we honor the commitment made by the UC Board of Regents to Los Alamos National Laboratory employees and retirees with respect to their benefits, including their retirement.”

Chris Harrington