Department Related Quotes

“The Wethersfield Fire Department is proud of the members that give so freely of themselves, especially long term members like David Anderson. The wealth of knowledge that he brings to every call is immeasurable. He has been a member and a teacher to countless members of the department,”

Charles Flynn

“Our families continue to struggle to stay afloat and keep our homes and cars because the department is trying to save face in the political circus that they have created.”

Daniel Torres

“I believe his work in Black Psychology will influence future generations. His contribution to building the Department of African American Studies will remain and inspire as long as the department exists.”

Charles Henry

“These reforms pose a threat to the entrenched guard within the police department and within county government.”

Clayton Ikei

“Growing up here as a kid, whenever you thought of the Police Department, there was only one person - Roscoe Ford. He was the Police Department. When I came on board, he … took care of me.”

Chris Jenkins

“This is the future in New York City as far as the police department is concerned. They now believe that in the name of terrorism they can search anyone without suspicion.”

Christopher Dunn

“We are aware of concerns related to the pension proposals, and currently in discussions with the Department of Energy regarding these issues, as well as possible alternatives we would be looking at.”

Chris Harrington

“We're not interested in acquiring the Department of Public Lighting.”

Scott Simons

“Larger companies are now seeing hosted CRM as a way to put the application in a single department to try it out, and then roll it out to the rest of the enterprise later.”

Rob Bois

“I spoke to the deputy commissioner of the Maine Department of Transportation, Greg Nadeau. I feel this is significant enough to be put on emergency status.”

Andrew Gilmore