Departments Related Quotes

“We can't do much about ensuring that the homeland is safe if our local police and sheriffs' departments don't have the personnel they need to keep our streets and neighborhoods secure.”

Dick Durbin

“They're going to expand the meat and deli departments and relocate the produce section.”

Larry Green

“A&E; departments now have to go the extra mile if they are to deliver the care that patients need and that means focusing on quality as well as waiting. This report suggests serious variations in the quality of care. Monitoring standards of quality must become a core part of the day-to-day management of these units.”

Anna Walker

There happen to be a lot of people around who spent an hour on the Internet and think they know a lot of physics, but it doesn't work like that... There's a reason there are graduate schools in these departments.

Noam Chomsky

There are now 17,000 local American police forces that are armed with rocket launchers, bazookas, heavy machine guns, all kinds of chemical sprays, in fact some of them have tanks. You now have local police departments that are equipped beyond the standard of American heavy infantry.

Paul Craig Roberts

To have as one's ever-present friend, and to be conscious that one has as his ever-present friend, the Holy Spirit and to surrender one's life in all it's departments entirely to His control - this is true Christian living.

R. A. Torrey

It took a woman to actually do something about the lack of women in creative departments.

Cindy Gallop

“Sometimes the Massachusetts and New Hampshire (motor vehicle departments), sometimes our paperwork or our electronics get a little confused and we don't actually get them.”

Katie Daley

“If one is interested in the relations between fields which, according to customary academic divisions, belong to different departments, then he will not be welcomed as a builder of bridges, as he might have expected, but will rather be regarded by both sides as an outsider and troublesome intruder.”

Rudolf Carnap

“The domestics suffer from hardening of the arteries in their design departments and are turning out well-executed but boring cars and trucks.”

David Healy