Depth Related Quotes

The great work of art is the complete banality, and the fault with most banalities is that they are not banal enough. Banality here is not infinite in its depth and consequence, but rests on a foundation of spirituality and aesthetics.

Asger Jorn

Shyness is just egotism out of its depth.

Penelope Keith

We are known in a depth of darkness through which we ourselves do not even dare to look. And at the same time, we are seen in a height of a fullness which surpasses our highest vision.

Paul Tillich

The Bible, itself the ultimate curse, is an in-depth profile of the divine spleen.

Ruth Hurmence Green

“I know for a fact we don't have the depth that some of the other countries have. But we do have a lot of heart.”

Ernie Whitt

“Local coverage is primary. Our goal is informed, largely in-depth news features.”

Dave Riek

“I thought we played much better than last time. We looked lethargic. We have a lack of depth. We had no momentum. It was kind of ugly from that perspective.”

Craig Wilsman

“We didn't have a lot of depth so we were going that way, ... Now, we have a little more depth.”

Mike Holmgren

All sentient beings - all holons in fact - contain Buddha-nature - contain depth, consciousness, intrinsic value, Spirit - and thus we are all members of the council of all beings... And the ultimate objective truth is that all beings are perfect manifestations of Spirit or Emptiness

Ken Wilber

“We have just gotten to Rochester. We are now involved in getting into the investigation in depth.”

Michael Vecchione