Depth Related Quotes

“They've been playing well. We definitely have developed some depth.”

Robin Selvig

I believe that I'm going to have a long career, as long as I want, and I think by me going out into the world living a little bit made me... gave me more depth, so when I do go, going into movies is much easier for me.

Chris Tucker

I've been writing 'Green Lantern' for a long time, and one of the reasons I've enjoyed it is because the depth of stories you can tell is pretty endless with space and everything.

Geoff Johns

“Our competitors and the state underestimated the depth of this market. We think it's a better market. We think Pittsburgh can bring in tourists from all over the country. Pittsburgh has the ability to do a lot better than what people are giving it credit for.”

Abe Naparstek

Purity perceives and respects the character of sex-its depth, seriousness, intimacy, and true home within wedded love, which alone makes possible the total and mutual gift of self.

Dietrich Von Hildebrand

And fathers, . . . listen to [your returned missionary sons], and connect with them in regular, focused conversation. Talk with them in depth about their feelings and desires. Pray with them and give them blessings as they face the important decisions in their future.

M. Russell Ballard

The spirits are coming back to tear your damned system of sexual slavery into tatters and consign its blackened remnants to the depth of everlasting hell.

Victoria Woodhull

When you are dealing with approximately two-plus hours every few years to do a story, you don't have the luxury of having excessive screen time to explore, in detail and in-depth, lots of other subsidiary or ancillary supporting characters.

Michael Uslan

God's blessings are dispensed according to the riches of his grace, not according to the depth of our faith.

Max Lucado

Aren't there gradations of evil? Is evil a great perilous gulf into which one falls with the first sin, plummeting to the depth?

Anne Rice