Depth Related Quotes

“Harrods' selection of Sun's Java Integration Suite is a testament to the depth and breadth of its capabilities and its broad adoption in a number of markets, including retail. We look forward to helping Harrods establish a common view of data across the organization to more effectively serve its customer base and reach the next level of integrated multi-channel retail operations.”

Larry Singer

“The problem is that there isn't the depth that there has been in previous championships,”

Peter Matthews

“The governor may have underestimated the depth of Republican concerns about borrowing.”

Dan Schnur

“They made history for themselves. We had strength in depth in the Eighties, top-flight players on the bench. Now, we only have four Premiership players in the squad, and two are goalkeepers.”

David Healy

“We should have a great season. We have good numbers and good depth.”

Shawna Smith

We have created characters and animated them in the dimension of depth, revealing through them to our perturbed world that the things we have in common far outnumber and outweigh those that divide us

Walt Disney

Statistics always remind me of fellow who drowned in a river where the average depth was only three feet.

Woody Hayes

“We have great pitching depth. Our pitchers have gotten a lot of positive experiences. I wish we were playing every day.”

Dave Farr

... it has always been the depth of my belief, my faith, or my love that was the mainspring of my behavior. When once I believed in doing a thing, nothing could prevent my doing it.

Margaret Sanger

The proof of the depth and embodiment of your realization will be seen in your love relationship. That's where the proof is in the pudding. If it all collapses in your relationship, you have some work to do. And people do have a lot of difficulties in their relationships.