Deserved Related Quotes

“It was definitely worth it. We deserved to play in that game. We didn't know it wasn't going to count. We deserved to be there again, it was best that we played.”

Courtney Collishaw

“He's been playing great all year, ... He certainly deserved to be in the All-Star Game. He should've been there, but he didn't get a chance to go. He's certainly been one of our best players all year. I think he's proven the last few years that he's one of the best defensemen in the league and he certainly deserved to go this year.”

Mats Sundin

“They outworked us; they out-toughed us in every phase of the game, and we got what we deserved.”

Dana Altman

“If Michael really felt that Rubens deserved the win, all he had to do was slow down and cross the line in second place, ... Ferrari wouldn't have done anything against him.”

Jacques Villeneuve

“I'm not surprised because obviously he deserved it for a while now. But just for him to actually be told he's actually in the Hall of Fame, I think, means a lot to everybody. When we all found out (Saturday) morning, we all got a smile on our face. We're just happy for him because he does so much for us and for the game and for Connecticut that it really is a great honor for him that he deserves.”

Diana Taurasi

?I'm excited about a No. 2 seed. It was well-deserved. Our guys have worked very, very hard. One of the criteria that is used is how are you playing at the end of the season.?

Ben Howland

“We deserved to be tied or ahead after the second period.”

Ken Hitchcock

“We wanted to prove that we deserved the No. 1 seed. We wanted to come out with a lot of energy.”

Cassie Schrock

“I wish him all the best (for the match). There's no player more deserved of the milestone and its been great to have the opportunity to share most of those matches with him and to watch him develop as a player.”

George Gregan

“We deserved what we got in the second period.”

Ron Wilson