Design Related Quotes

“This will enable us to do the design in-house.”

Dave Riggins

“These let you design your own dress based on this season's latest fashion trends for half the price of department stores.”

Heidi Zimmerman

“We have to be ready to explain to the judges how we came up with the whole design, created the concrete mix and used construction techniques.”

Salvador Munoz

?What we're seeing is an increase in the evolutionary pace of IED (improvised explosive device) design, ... It's increasing at a pace we previously haven't seen.?

Ben Venzke

People kind of tend to mystify design and architecture by suggesting you need to train.

Marc Newson

“The township is doing all of the design and property acquisition, and we expect to put it out for bids in December of this year. If everything gets done on schedule, we expect to start in spring of (2007) and get it finished in the summer of (2008).”

Gene Blaum

People interact with their phones very differently than they do with their PCs, and I think that when you design from the ground up with mobile in mind, you create a very different product than going the other way.

Kevin Systrom

“Of course we use the latest component technology, but we are more interested in design.”

Shawn Chang

“For me, unemployment and poverty in the Greater Montreal area is not mainly a problem of structure, or design, or statistics. It is a profoundly human situation.”

Kim Campbell

“The cost is different depending on the design of the shirt.”

Kim Stefkovich