Design Related Quotes

I believe that human beings are born first and given passports later. I'm really thankful for my journey. And it's a journey I didn't design.

Alfonso Cuaron

“It's a win-win. Our students get to do the engineering design work, and they get to work with the professionals on the manufacturing. They both win.”

Dan Dolan

“There was a lot more freedom from a design standpoint, which you can't do anymore in this country, ... Today's drivers are just as brave, just as much gladiators, as we were then.”

Dan Gurney

“They are doing so much building around here, and we do interior design and custom furniture. There are a lot more architecture and design firms, and a little bit more clean-lined furniture stores, so we thought that our aesthetic would work well here.”

Shannon Michelle

“Let's work together to design and measure new advertising strategies.”

Randy Falco

“[The design process is in limbo.] We have not had any contact at all, ... I can see that it's precarious.”

Frank Gehry

“Since that time, we are still at a point where we haven't had an engineering design done for replacement.”

Mark Wagner

“You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.”

Walt Disney

“She's been bugging me forever to do it. I had a friend who's a carpenter that gave me a design that would be sound structurally, and I had some kids help me put it together.”

Scott Carroll

I see the Beijing National Stadium as an architectural project. I accepted Herzog and De Meuron's invitation to collaborate on the design, and our proposal won the competition. From beginning to end, I stayed with the project. I am committed to fostering relationships between a city and its architecture.

Ai Weiwei