Determined Related Quotes

“We're operating as usual. We are very determined. Robin is very organized and is doing the job well.”

Helen Randall

“It's a lot of money, but we are determined to do this, to remember those who have given their lives.”

Carolyn Maupin

“We still have some things that need to be determined but we've always been the type of team that takes each game one-at-a-time. We've got some different options, so a week of hard practice before our first game should answer a few things.”

Dave Currid

“We reviewed our own practices, and determined our policy as it stood was fair.”

Steve Ferguson

“The intensity was really high, for it to be determined by a hand check are you kidding me Let the kids decide the game.”

Andy Kennedy

“We had been very disappointed in the last couple of years, no question about that. But we were determined that we would recruit and turn it back around, and we look forward to the next couple of seasons.”

Lynne Agee

“Your passion can be measured by success, the more passionate you are the more determined you will be to succeed...”

Shane J Van Der Velde

“They were determined. I tell them that beam, more than anything, is just mental. It's just a matter of executing.”

Carlos Fuentes

“We needed more poise offensively. We weren't determined enough to just hang on. If we have the ball, they can't score. It seemed like we lost our poise and would throw up about anything to try to win it all of a sudden.”

Don Davidson

“I was very, very determined. I didn't fly 24 hours to not win it. To get what I came here for is great.”

Craig Mottram