Determined Related Quotes

“In arriving at a sanction, the disciplinary board determined serious harm had resulted to White's clients.”

Kateri Walsh

“The difference between the teams was commitment. The Chiefs came out more committed, determined to do their absolute best in attack and defense and that was the difference.”

Chris Latham

“I have determined that these fires are of such severity and magnitude that effective recovery is beyond the capabilities of the state and affected local government, and that supplementary federal assistance is necessary,”

Pete Wilson

“I am still determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may be.”

Martha Washington

“Future procurements under the five-year contract will be determined by the Army and be based on individual supplier performance, specifically delivery and quality.”

William Lambert

“I determined never to stop until I had come to the end and achieved my purpose.”

David Livingstone

“It may go to the wire as far as the transfer deadline is concerned, but I am determined not to buy a player just for the sake of it.”

Alan Pardew

“Unfortunately the knockdowns on my side were from tactics - some blows behind the head, ... However I was determined to fight and continue the fight.”

Wladimir Klitschko

“We're determined to turn this thing around. If we could get one of these [wins] but if we don't hurry up and get one, there won't be one after that to get. That's kind of where we are.”

Robert Mccullum

“You can see how determined they are to make sure this is over quickly,”

Robert Amsterdam