Detriment Related Quotes

The love of one sole being is a barbarism; for it will be employed to the detriment of all the rest. So too the love of God.

Friedrich Nietzsche

It would be worth the while if in each town there were a committee appointed to see that the beauty of the town received no detriment. If we have the largest boulder in the county, then it should not belong to an individual, nor be made into door-steps.

Henry David Thoreau

Too many facts are often as much of an obstacle to understanding as too few. There is a sense in which we moderns are inundated with facts to the detriment of understanding.

Mortimer Adler

“That was communities poaching businesses from each other to the detriment of northeast Ohio.”

Deborah Sutherland

I just wanted to keep consistent and keep true to America and not seem contrived. I didn't want to seem contrived at all with any song choice that might be a detriment to my journey on 'The Voice.'

Will Champlin

“The results are very surprising. These results suggest that players may be playing [despite] injuries to their long-term detriment.”

Michael Collins

I'm wonderfully self-lacerating, probably to my character's detriment. I'm terribly open to critique.

David Shields

Maybe to my own detriment, but I watched all of 'Fargo' probably more than once. And I tend to be a little critical of myself. But I can also let things go. So I can think, 'Well, that moment didn't read as well as I thought it would,' but it doesn't keep me up at night.

Allison Tolman

A mind becomes a detriment when it acquires more intelligence than its integrity can handle.

Cullen Hightower

“Out here I have seen some detriment to yields from planting too thick. Two years ago we had a drought and thicker corn hurt us.”

Steve Wik