Developed Related Quotes

“His command has greatly improved, and so has the movement on fastballs. He developed a changeup that he didn't have in high school, and he's grown up physically.”

Larry Chase

“We've developed quite a bit in the state of South Dakota in the last year or so. South Dakota has been good to us.”

Ryan Horn

“Occam realized the importance of creating a simpler access network when we developed the Occam Broadband Loop Carrier. The product's ability to deliver a full range of high-bandwidth services from a single platform continues to be a major factor in the decision making process of our customers. We are extremely pleased that we can help service providers such as Franklin become more competitive by building simpler, more efficient and more cost-effective networks.”

Russ Sharer

“In 1998, we incorporated and developed a suite of Web-based collaborative tools.”

Steve Miller

“They've really developed some toughness. The players get it done between the lines.”

Steve Alford

“There is a vaccine that is being developed to prevent this virus. Once it is approved then many of these cases can be prevented.”

Sara Sinal

“We had an excellent meeting and quickly developed a dual consensus. The first was to continue to give priority to the needs of the region and the second to the scheduling of Saints games in a way that made sense under the total circumstances.”

Paul Tagliabue

“In particular, the developed countries, while enjoying low-cost imported goods and services, have to restructure their industrial sectors quickly to create job opportunities and export advantages to improve their competitiveness and dampen protectionism.”

Zhou Xiaochuan

“It was fantastic, ... The piece itself is so engaging and the characters are so rich and well-developed. I felt really reinvigorated about acting and why I was doing it to begin with.”

Harry Smith

“With strong positive free cash flow, debt can be retired, new products developed and dividend payments increased.”

Wayne Thorp