Devil Related Quotes

I was raised with fear of God, guilt over Jesus, and terror of the Devil.

Dory Previn

Twitter is the Devil's playground.

Albert Brooks

Thinking for yourself - that's scarier than any devil image....

Marilyn Manson

Does the devil ever struggle to be good again, or if so is he not a devil?

Gregory Maguire

History proves that the white man is a devil.

Malcolm X

I shall think soon that what people say is true: every woman is possessed by her own peculiar devil of curiosity

Nikolai Gogol

Why doesn't that Devil take me with him? It would be much better with him than it is here.

Eva Braun

Keep always busy so that the devil will find you always engaged.

St. Jerome

To err is human. To repeat error is of the Devil.

Seneca The Younger

The devil flees before the sound of music almost as much as before the Word of God.

Martin Luther