Dialogue Related Quotes

“We say that we keep the door open for dialogue, but we also want to see more than just these words about their right to nuclear power ... that they show openness to moving toward us,”

Per Stig Moeller

The dialogue of architecture has been centered too long around the idea of truth.

Michael Graves

“We are ready to have dialogue . . . we are ready to talk to them,”

Sha Zukang

“That was really bad. Mr. Zhang had said we could have an honest dialogue, but when we raised the issues that the Hong Kong people are concerned about, he got angry.”

Emily Lau

“Instead, the member states should seek consensus through dialogue and consultation and in accordance with the principle of democratic international relations,”

Li Zhaoxing

“We intended to start a dialogue. We have been surprised by a lack of administration response.”

Kevin Cook

“dialogue on our shared vision for higher education.”

Charles Miller

“I think it's critical this videotape is reviewed closely. ... We want to know the exact dialogue among the parties. It would be unfair for us to make any kind of judgment now without knowing the facts.”

Cindy Beavers

“It's like a dialogue with the fiber. She listens to the fiber and doesn't ask it to do what it doesn't want. She has a profound respect for the natural world.”

Jackie Borsanyi

“I think one of the biggest things that we want to come out of that is a general dialogue getting editors to understand that these stereotypes are offensive and getting people on campus to recognize that these are issues that deeply affect us as well.”

Priya Prasad