Difficult Related Quotes

Problems reconciling mom and the wife are difficult in the best of times.

Natalie Dormer

“We have already accomplished the most difficult stages of the process, which entailed extensive consultation with the local communities to involve them in the plans and boundary demarcation. Now nobody will be able to claim ignorance of the existence of the national park and the local people will be involved in the conservation of the area.”

Paul Noupa

“This is a very difficult task they're taken on, and I don't think you can expect them to turn the ship around too quickly.”

Vince Farrell

“When you overwrite, it makes it more difficult to retrieve. You can definitely lose files.”

Eric Stokesberry

“That was a very difficult play. For one or two innings I had to realize that it was raining, that the grass was wet, and that when you have synthetic turf wet it is difficult to catch a ball and grasp it very well. I threw it home and I had to do it at full blast, not just an easy throw, a weak throw, but I had to do it full blast, and it worked out well.”

Yulieski Gourriel

“He's very well, ... under the circumstances. He's getting wonderful care and the best possible treatment. It's a very difficult disease for the whole family, it's so hard on my mom, but he's facing it with dignity, and that's all we can ask for.”

Charlton Heston

“This has not moved as quickly as I'd hoped. I'm still finding it difficult to come to terms with, to grasp the magnitude of the tsunami. ... It's a long road, and it's hard work.”

Eric Morris

“It's widely accepted in the sport that drop-knee is more difficult than prone. Mainly because it's more difficult to balance and control the board when you're (riding) drop-knee.”

David Hubbard

To keep something wild is far more difficult than to preserve it.

Agatha Christie

Mindfulness isn't difficult, we just need to remember to do it.

Sharon Salzberg