Director Related Quotes

Your crew becomes your family and you trust the director and the other actors on the set, and it's a very safe place.

Aleksa Palladino

“That only becomes an issue if the athletic director makes it an issue. You squash that very easily if you get support from your athletic department.”

Chico Furtado

Shaping it is something I would expect to do together with a writer, because that's a director's job.

Ken Loach

I always choose my movie because of a director and a story and a, a character.

Melanie Laurent

It's very rare that you get a director that lets you be creative and bring what you feel your character should do or should be.

Kevin Hart

I always wanted to direct. I always saw myself as a director.

Steve Antin

Let the child be the scriptwriter, the director and the actor in his own play.

Magda Gerber

“[The split between the former friends is a sign] that professional responsibility as a director trumps personal relationships, ... a positive change.”

Charles Elson

The point of having a director is that they make the final decision; it's their point of view, they set the rhythm and they make the final decisions.

Christian Bale

When you're a freelance director, you are hired to create the art, and it kind of stops there.

Diane Paulus