Disaster Related Quotes

“We found more than 100 sites that were registered using various combinations of the words 'katrina' and 'donate' or 'disaster' in the last two days.”

Dan Hubbard

“This is unprecedented in the history of the US, to have had a national disaster of this magnitude with a diaspora of this magnitude.”

Scott Cowen

“Every attempt to make war easy and safe will result in humiliation and disaster”

William Tecumseh Sherman

“I am very sorry and angry about the second half. That was a disaster,”

Sven Goran Eriksson

“When we are facing what appears to be more and more the worst natural disaster in our country's history, many of these other issues we have been discussing suddenly pale in comparison.”

David Wilkins

“Canada has sent ships with disaster supplies,”

Karen Hughes

“The whole goal of the disaster-assistance program is to give people a start, but it was never meant to address all of one's needs.”

David Passey

“Nothing was the same -- just like any disaster.”

Gene Poston

“The game is a show of our support and solidarity for those affected by this natural disaster, ... As professional athletes we've been very privileged and this is one way we can help take care of our own.”

Kenny Smith

“We will talk and we will help ourselves in a dignified manner in cases of disaster,”

Fidel Castro