Disconnect Related Quotes

“There is a certain amount of disconnect here,”

Cody Acree

“But there is a disconnect here. Being wealthier simply does not translate into being happier. Many studies shows the United States to be no happier than it was 50 years ago; we are no happier than when we were poorer.”

A.j. Senchack

“We do recognize the fact that the share price at the moment is rotten, ... There's some disconnect between our company's growth and the share price.”

Rupert Murdoch

“There is a huge disconnect between the magnitude of what is likely to happen with earnings and what stocks have already discounted.”

Richard Williams

“A disconnect between household income levels and for-sale pricing in the valley's housing market has increased rental demands.”

Chris Bentley

“It's important to make time to disconnect from technology and connect to presence.”

Simcha Gluck

“We just don't disconnect customers if they're a month or two behind. We looked at this case in depth. We believe we took all the steps we could to avoid a disconnection.”

Dan Considine

“The point comes where there starts to be a disconnect between the attempts to rapidly jack up those prices for faster MIPS and IBM's desire to push the cost of MIPS down,”

Paul Mason

“The book industry has been deeply embarrassed and I think that her show pointed up the disconnect between publishing and the real world.”

Sara Nelson

“I don't think that there is the industry disconnect that a superficial analysis of the headlines suggests there is. Intel grew in the same range that we grew. It just wasn't as much as their own forecasts. So, when I look at the entire industry, I don't see that disconnect.”

Mark Thompson